Witness Ishaan Nigam & Brite Roy’s Musical Camaraderie in ‘Yaari Ke Dhaage’

On the auspicious occasion of Friendship Day, Ishaan Nigam joins creative forces with the illustrious Brite Roy, conjuring a melody as heartwarming as the embrace of cherished camaraderie. Prepare to embark on an enchanting auditory voyage, as the collaboration between Nigam and Roy weaves a musical tapestry that shall beckon the audience time and again into its resplendent embrace.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Emerging from the vibrant city of Mumbai, Ishaan Nigam radiates as a burgeoning luminary, adorned with adroit musical prowess and an eclectic repertoire of original compositions that have endeared him to a devoted following. Having received classical tutelage at the esteemed AR Rahman Music College (KMMC) Ishaan has unfurled a tapestry of 10 independent singles since 2019, each a resonating testimony to his musical finesse.


Amongst his musical treasures, “Woh Raaz Ho” and “O Jaana” stand as veritable gems, having garnered a fervent fan base that spans across music streaming platforms, amassing millions of ardent listeners. Notably, Ishaan’s transcendent talents found harmonious expression in the esteemed realm of Coke Studio Bharat, where his contribution to “Geejaga Hakki” ignited ripples of musical sensation.


Listen to Yaari Ke Dhaage by Ishaan Nigam and Brite Roy on YouTube:


In a melodious fusion, Ishaan Nigam’s latest offering “Yaari Ke Dhaage” embraced the radiant partnership of Brite Roy, a skilled artist who has ignited fervent admiration via compositions such as “O Chaand,” “Jaanam,” and “Ye Raaste.” This soulful voyage, carefully cultivated at the Berklee School of Music, rejoices in the seamless fusion of traditional subtleties and modern innovation. It is reflective of the musical craftsmanship that Brite resonates with listeners from different eras.


Within “Yaari Ke Dhaage” their artistic synergy births a lyrical masterpiece that resonates universally with those who hold dear a true friend. This mellifluous composition, an ode to enduring friendship, elegantly weaves a serene tapestry with the harmonious interplay of a guitar and ukulele. The delicate plucking of strings summons a tranquil atmosphere, akin to a serene stroll along a sun-kissed shore. The guitar, with its resonant timbre, provides a mellow foundation, while the ukulele’s bright, crystalline notes delicately dance above, like gentle ripples on a calm pond, played by Sourabh Joshi


The arrangement, if listened to closely, has the most soothing patterns that help the listener get more and more involved with the melody, and even hum it. The nuances of the chord progressions bring on the depth of the melody and evoke an unmistakable sense of heartwarming nostalgia. This melody might stir emotional currents, but it is sure to remind you of memories of cherished friendships and the best moments you have had with them. Even the lyrics of the melody fall in tune with the overall mood of the song. It is about one’s care towards their friends and how beautiful the days feel when they are by our side. The song reflects on the comfort shared between two souls crossing life’s challenges together. The tempo of the song provides that added slow pace indicating stability and friendship in an otherwise unstable world. 


“Yaari Ke Dhaage” is the sweetest and melodious tribute to friendships in our lives and the fact that two beautiful artists have shared such camaraderie in this song, that it automatically becomes special.


Listen to Yaari Ke Dhaage by Ishaan Nigam and Brite Roy on Spotify:


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