Zachary Ray’s ‘Unafraid’ Deals With Personal Loss And Coping Up

Unafraid is the heart-wrenching tale of the loss of a near someone resonating the grimness throughout. The song, written, composed, and sung by Zachary Ray, is a poignant and emotional exploration of grief and the enduring pain that comes with losing someone close. 

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Young Zachary Ray discovered his love of music while singing in his father’s church. His love of music inspired him to enroll at the famed Berklee College of Music to study vocal performance and music management. Zachary believes that music has the power to improve lives and promote healing for individuals everywhere. He has been instructing and preparing prospective artists for 12 years by using his talent for music. He has spent nine of those twelve years living in India, where he has used his knowledge and training to teach at the Calcutta School of Music and create Chaitown Creatives, a business that trains and mentors aspiring singers and musicians. 


Ray writes in a social media post,” Two years ago on Christmas Day, God gave my friend Lauren Masse the gift of peace when He called her home at the age of 34, after a long, hard-fought battle with addiction. Over the years, addiction stole many things from Lauren, but it never stole her love for God.” Evidently, “Unafraid” is extremely personal to Ray and specifically talks about how losing a friend to addiction can be a deeply painful and devastating experience. It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that someone you cared about and loved has been lost to a substance abuse disorder. The feelings of grief and loss that come with losing a friend to addiction can be intense and overwhelming. It can be hard to accept that your friend is no longer there and that you will never be able to see them or speak to them again. Ray dedicates this song to his friend’s family and other loved ones, to share their grief and how heaven is where she resides.


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Even though the tone of the song is morose in commemoration of the loss, the song with its name itself asserts how unafraid she might be after residing in heaven. Zachary Ray talks about the making of the song and he clearly describes how his friend suffered through different things however during her struggle she always clung to her faith in God. Through the lyrics, Ray delivers a prayer for his friend and how she did not have to go through the struggles anymore. The fact that he stressed how he was at peace with her not having to fight or be afraid anymore, really shapes the composition of the music.


The song begins with the narrator acknowledging that they hurt and that they miss the person who has passed away. However, their absence reminds us of the long battles they might have fought and all the silent sufferings. The lyrics go on to describe the pain and emptiness that the narrator feels in their absence, yet on the bright side, the heaven that they have attained: the final peace. Despite the sadness and loneliness, the narrator finds some solace in the memories they have of their loved one, and in the idea that the person is now at peace and no longer suffering. The song ends with the narrator expressing their hope to see their loved one again someday.


The poignant angelic chorus with the different harmonies syncing together reminds us of the carols of the church. It captures the raw intricate range of emotions that come with losing someone. It is extremely powerful and tributes the strength of passion and love over all the other emotions. Overall, “Hurt” is a poignant and emotional song that captures the raw, complex emotions that come with losing someone close to us. It is a powerful tribute to the enduring strength of love, even in the face of loss. Despite the pain and sadness that pervades the song, there is also a sense of hope and resilience, as the singer ultimately comes to terms with their loss and finds the strength to keep going.


Listen to ‘Unafraid’ by Zachary Ray on Spotify

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