Jhansi Aka Tanvi Rajgarhia’s Music Brings Broadway Style Entertainment To India

India-based Musical Theatre composer, lyricist and performer ‘Jhansi’ aka Tanvi Rajgarhia is challenging traditional Indian beliefs and bursting myths in her latest Broadway-style music video ‘We Break Up Because Of Family Reasons’. Thoroughly trained in the field of western musical theater, she aims to bring the Broadway culture from the west, with topics people seldom realize are affecting them and their lives so deeply. Portrayed in an absolutely new way, it is performed, written and produced by Jhansi.

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This splendid theatrical video treat was shot in Mumbai in one day. The stellar core team includes Director Priyanka Banerjee who won the FilmFare and People’s Choice Award for her multi-starrer short film Devi (starring Kajol, Shruti Haasan, Neha Dhupia and others), exquisitely Choreographed by Shohini Dutta (known for Qala, Laila Majnu, Tamasha, Highway, Rockstar, Bombay Velvet, Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Guzaarish, Dhoom and others) and Music Producer Itek Bhutani (who received two London Movie Awards – Gold Award-Sound Design and Best Original Score for ‘Doors’ and New York Movie Awards – Gold Award – Original Score for ‘Doors’) Jhansi’s purpose is to bring Broadway-style content to India by telling our own, every day, Salt of the Earth stories, and crafting and pioneering this Indian Broadway movement which currently does not exist.

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Talking about her tailormade concept, Jhansi states, “The meaning of this song and title is literally whatever the listener is bringing to the table with their life experience. However, the story of ‘Breaking Up because of Family Reasons’ applies to your life. Could be your own breakup, a relationship you never began because you knew your parents would object, or your friend crying on your shoulder because they fell in love with the ‘wrong person’ by societal standards. Everyone has many stories that flash in their minds when I speak to them, no matter who they are, every Indian person can relate to it.”

She conveys her message behind crafting this: ” It has become a normal thing because nobody realizes that it has evolved into a category of breakups. Everyone is living through it, painfully unaware. I wanted to bring attention to this pattern that I see every single day. We have normalized it to the extent that Indians just shrug it off. When a foreigner tries to ask us about it, we are just like you’ll not get it, bro, it’s just our thing.”

Jhansi is a Kolkata-based trained Musical Theatre Performer at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore (BA in Musical Theatre performance). Being the first Indian to be invited to ‘The Harvard of Broadway’ BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop (NYC) as a Lyricist, she is moving to New York in 2023. She was part of Queens of Comedy which was aired on TLC, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, she has also performed in one of India’s biggest Broadway shows – Aladdin as Iago. She has put together a couple of Original Musical Theatre pieces including ‘Don’t Eat My Face Pizza’ and ‘Terrified of Twenty-Five’.


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