Kirdaar’s ‘Tu Sabr Kar’ is an ode to a new and hopeful tomorrow

Tu Sabr kar is a wonderful track produced by the Mumbai based rock band Kirdaar. From the very first tune produced by the guitar, you feel like hooking onto the song. Of course, everyone wants to hold onto that string of hope in desperate times. This is what the song is about, and this is how it essentially feels. 

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team

KIRDAAR, the Mumbai based 5-piece Indie-rock band is famous for their subtle yet impressive portrayal of human emotions and various phases of life. This song is no abomination to their values. The song has magical vocals delivered by Rajat Sharad which feels soothing. The vocals are backed by an equally remarkable chorus in the background, which sets the mood for the song just well. The song just flows and silently melts into your heart.


Listen to Tu Sabr Kar by Kirdaar:

The phenomenal, simple yet enticing lyrics penned down by Rajat Sharad and Ravi Prakash are simply the heart and soul of the song. The lyrics are a positive balm that we would all return to the world before the pandemic, the festivals would return, the streets would be bustling and the time that has changed, would change again. We just have to hang on patiently.

If lyrics are the soul, the music is the heart of the song. The amalgamation of Ravi and Sanjay Kumar’s guitars, percussions from Swapnil Dhanwale, and bass by Jordan Machado simply weaves magic and adds a vibe that feels like sunshine. Honestly, the video is the best compliment this song could get. The extraordinary shots and storytelling compel the viewer to embrace the song harder. It’s liberating, thoughtful, and oh-so-aesthetic. The transformation from darkness to light and hopelessness to hope makes it worth watching, along with listening to it on loop.

The song checks all the boxes when it comes to a good listen. Everything in just the right quantity, Tu Sabr Kar can instantly make you feel light and hopeful.

In conversation with Kirdaar, here’s what the band shared with us:


The ‘Kirdaar’ story: Forming a collective and bringing Indie-rock music to the scene

5 people, 5 characters left everything behind and came to Mumbai to transition into an artist-to explore, learn and create. We all wanted to enhance our artistic skills and joined True School of Music to learn music professionally. It all started back in 2019, when the frontman Rajat wanted to form a band for an open mic. Ravi and Sanjay came on board to fulfil the guitar duties. Swapnil and Jordan hopped in for Drums and Bass

duties. The performance went really well and we all sensed a feeling of belongingness and completeness. We had a really long meeting a few days later and decided to take this further. “Kirdaar” means character, which defines us well. Each member of the band has a unique character, and we sometimes mould ourselves into new characters to keep the creative process on.


The musical roots of artists and the sound that unifies all the band members

Born and raised in India, most of us have been inspired by the greats such as A.R Rahman, Shankar Ehsaan Loy etc. Indie artists like Indian Ocean, Raghu Dixit, Parvaaz, etc have had a great influence on our musicality. Apart from these, the sounds of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Muse, Coldplay, etc – inspires us to keep exploring and finding new voices to express ourselves in a better and unique way. The sound of the band can be best described as rock and fusion, with elements of folk and ambience. Though a lot of our songs have a very different vibe, that’s how we explore and grow.


The story behind Tu Sabr Kar and the highlight point about the release

The ever-changing time brings us to very uncertain situations. It creates self doubt and makes one hopeless. This brings along a feeling of being trapped in a place that doesn’t seem to offer any sort of exit and breaks one from inside. This song helped us all individually to get out of that trap. It helped us to realise that all our

insecurities and uncertainties are temporary, and they’ll vanish sometime soon. All we have to do is just be patient and keep going. We really wanted our listeners to keep up the “Hope” in these uncertain times. We firmly believe that time will change and it will change for the better.


Listen to Tu Sabr Kar by Kirdaar on Spotify:

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