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Latin Music Super Fans Drive Double-Digit Growth In The U.S. Music Industry

Latin Music’s Resounding Rise: Latin Super Fans Propel Industry Growth in the U.S.

The latest research from Luminate has revealed that Latin music consumption in the United States is experiencing remarkable growth, nearly twice as fast as the overall music consumption rate. This surge is primarily fueled by Latin music enthusiasts and the increasing popularity of regional Mexican music, as unveiled during Luminate CEO Rob Jonas’ presentation at Latin Music Week 2023.

Surprisingly, Luminate’s research also identified WhatsApp as an unexpected platform for discovering Latin music. An impressive 73% of Hispanic listeners use WhatsApp for music-related activities, which is a striking 265% more than the general population.

The data from Luminate underscores the significant growth in Latin music consumption. For instance, in the first 34 weeks of 2022, there were 47.4 billion on-demand audio streams. By the same period in 2023, this figure had surged to 57.9 billion streams, representing a substantial 22.2% increase, surpassing the industry-wide growth rate of 13.3%. Notably, Latin music has now claimed the title of the fifth-largest major music genre in the U.S., trailing only behind R&B and Hip-Hop, pop, rock, and country.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that Latin music’s appeal is extending beyond Latin communities. An astonishing 40% of all U.S. listeners now report listening to music in languages other than English, with Spanish emerging as the second most widely listened-to language after English.

Furthermore, while the share of English-language streaming in the U.S. has experienced a modest 4% decline over the past year, streaming of Spanish-language tracks has seen a commendable increase of 3.5%.

Crucial to this growth are Latin super fans, who stand out in their music-related spending habits. According to Luminate’s data, Latin super fans spend 120% more per month on music-related activities compared to other music enthusiasts, and they outspend even U.S. super fans by 30%.

As reported by “The trends we saw starting in 2022 have accelerated and developed the growth of Latin music,” says Jonas. “We initially saw a lot of growth in streaming, but now, that growth translated to revenue. In 2023, it’s definitely been exceeding expectations.” Find Luminate’s full report here

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Image Courtesy: Becky G performs onstage during 2019 103.5 KTU KTUphoria presented by Pepsi at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on June 15, 2019 in Wantagh, New York. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)


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