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Vishal Dadlani & Prashant Ingole Team Up For ‘India India’: A New Anthem For Indian Sports 

The music video created by Tagglabs and Boat is the first of its kind, generated by AI. ‘India India’ is musically backed by ADR Media Production. Prashant Ingole and Vishal Dadlani have previously teamed up to deliver unforgettable hits like Malhari, Ziddi Dil, and Aila Re.

In a remarkable collaboration, renowned Bollywood lyricist Prashant Ingole and versatile singer Vishal Dadlani have joined forces to craft ‘INDIA INDIA,’ a spirited anthem that embodies the essence of national pride. This invigorating anthem created and Produced by ADR Media Productions and released at the dawn of the cricket season, aims to ignite the fervor of players and spectators alike. The vibrant and energetic music video of the anthem by ‘Tagglabs’ and ‘Boat’ brings the visual extravaganza, created with cutting-edge AI technology. 

Listen to India India | India’s First AI Video Anthem | Vishal Dadlani | Prashant Ingole

As India gears up for the ICC World Cup, ‘INDIA INDIA’ is a tribute to the unwavering spirit of Indian sportsmanship. Created from the heart of a fan, for the fans, this anthem extends its embrace beyond cricket, envisioning itself as a unifying anthem for all sports, akin to Shakira’s “Waka Waka” for the football World Cup. Prashant Ingole and Vishal Dadlani have previously teamed up to deliver unforgettable hits like ‘Malhari’, ‘Ziddi Dil’, and ‘Aila Re’.

Prashant Ingole, the brilliant wordsmith behind iconic songs like “Gajanana,” “Fitoori,” and “Party On My Mind,” shares his inspiration, “As a lifelong cricket lover, someone who holds India close to their heart, I’ve always found myself passionately chanting ‘INDIA INDIA.’ In May 2023, something magical happened, and I had the privilege of writing and composing ‘INDIA INDIA.’ This song is my gift from one fan to all the others. It’s not just a song; it’s an emotion, an expression of my deep love and devotion for the game and our beloved country.”

Vishal Dadlani, an ardent patriot, adds, “It’s always an honor to cheer for my country. I live and breathe for India, and I hope this song energizes my fellow Indians to cheer even louder!”

About ADR Media Production

At ADR Media Production, we seamlessly merge contemporary beats with timeless melodies, syncing with the rhythms of a new generation and encapsulating the spirit of boundless exploration. We aim to empower our cherished listeners, crafting a bridge between artistic expression and heartfelt connection. ADR Media Production is the brainchild of the visionary duo Adhish Rana and Amardeep Singh. Adhish is a seasoned filmmaker, who has honed his skills at prestigious institutions worldwide, embedding a profound understanding of media in our venture. Amardeep, a distinguished industrialist with diverse interests, brings his unmatched expertise to our creative endeavors. Together, they drive the mission at ADR Media Production, blending industry acumen with innovation.

Prepare to embark on a melodious voyage, immersing yourself in an unparalleled auditory journey that elevates your musical experience to new heights. Experience the fusion of excellence and emotion, converging harmoniously to redefine musical boundaries.

Listen to India India | India’s First AI Video Anthem | Vishal Dadlani | Prashant Ingole

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