‘Yaadein’ is a Thriving Trip Down Memory Lane

Only a few melodies choose to uncover the underlying pain, rather accentuate and show us the darker side of love. Such compositions become an instant hit and oddly are rather rare. ‘Last Minute India’ has recently had their most awaited release named ‘Yaadein’ and that is played on loop ever since by ardent listeners who relate on a similar note.

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Released early April this year, we certainly are not alone with our choice of ‘Yaadein’ being the favorite grieving anecdote of this month. ‘Last Minute India’ is a band of six, where each member will shake you off of any apprehension regarding their astounding flair and unique musicality. Already, the song is a clear hit among people praising it for the complex emotion the song has addressed along with the mellifluous arrangement impacting the overall quality of the melody. Originally, the band inclined towards a more alternative prog rock tone. After years of experience and countless experimentation, the band cherished the pop and alt-rock genres even better. A similar vibe is noticed throughout the composition of the song, with each instrument perfectly fitting the mood of the track. 

Recently featured by Spotify for their single ‘Yaadein’, for making its way into Spotify India’s RADAR. “Our latest track is about the first heartbreak that will always have a special place in the corner of your heart. With this song you can expect to see our journey as artists and also relive that bittersweet feeling of your first love,” Yash Khona, the drum instrumentalist of the band. Leaving aside the technicalities of songs such as this, the emotion is conveyed through the nostalgic tune almost giving a vibe dating back to the 2000s. ‘Yaadein’ is that comfort quilt that you wrap around to keep yourself warm from the cold and harsh world. 


Listen to ‘Yaadein’ by Last Minute India on Spotify:

Instrumentation and the General Impression

Being from a pop genre, along with the occasional heavy influence of jazz, the sonic energy quickly builds itself in the first half of its course. Ironically, all the passion ascends quickly, only to portray the morbidity of a chapter in life. Beginning with the lead guitar strings by Austin Furtado, strumming all the way into our ears puts forth the ease in the composition right away. This is succeeded by the drum beats of Yash Khona. The musicianship is notable, each note played with confidence unleashing the new burden of misery.

The powerhouse here is in the vocals by Abdul, but we will talk about them later. The bass by Subodh Gupta creates a narrative of its own, who also is the lyricist of the song. His skills show his connection to the song exposing the unearthly promise of the unengaged heart. What makes ‘Last Minute India’ the sui generis is making their listeners see what they hear. One feels the rhythms by Bhumit Gor, while the vocals echo, “Teri Yaadon Ki Gehrai Me Humko Yun Jeene Do”, painting the image of the confusion on account of life changes. It is the perpetual question that awoke you for nights, asking why we weren’t enough, guarding the minuscule drops of joy within the plethora of agony, anticipating everything will be fine one day. 


The Euphony of The Vocals

It is not often that the melophile in me is so awestruck with the vocal quality of a singer in the very first instance. This was one of those moments and undoubtedly beautiful. There is euphoria in the tenacity of the voice, it makes you sit through the entire song longing for more. Abdul Shaikh is the perfect piece of the musical puzzle of ‘Last Minute India’. Every note sung by him is a work of maturity, booming out of years of training and passion towards the modern playback dreams. 

The success of ‘Yaadien’ is not only the outcome of their creative youthfulness but of their careful venture into a dark alley. Often positivity is rewarded and praised, especially in art because it emits a sense of hope and aspiration. “Last Minute India” holds the tightrope act, walks us through the nerve-wracking stride from one phase of life to the other, without land visible below our feet except for the frail rope of time. 


Listen to ‘Yaadein’ by Last Minute India on YouTube:

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