Anami renders a song screaming the silent voice for vultures

Ever watched a horror movie while you’re drawn to the mystic air of the devil? Now imagine the spirit is a vulture. Yes, a critically endangered bird whose population has recently fallen by a whopping 96% and it triggered the artist Anami to create her new single-Vultures.

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team

Vultures are usually considered a symbol of bad omen and even death in a few beliefs. Well, Anami thought differently and totally forged a piece of art packed with vocals one could dream off, music that keeps bouncing in your mind with its eerie vibe and a representation as amazing as classic European art.


Listen to Vultures by Anami here:


Anami has outdone herself in the department of vocals. The powerful vocals are nothing short of an intriguing story that people are too afraid to discover, yet can’t help but feel drawn. The music is miraculously evocative and carries the mood of the song. It’s the kind of music you listen to in a mystery masquerade ball in the ’80s, full of mystery, with oh-so-wonderful grand piano tunes that carry you up, with force and you want to get lost in the perfectly blending layers of what seems like guitars, ukulele, cello and a beautiful collection of strings and keys that evoke an air of fear, but you still want to reach every depth of it.

The lyrics are both symbolic, yet so direct. They invite you to discover a side of vultures you might never know. The line “There is no evil bird, vultures just don’t smile” stirs something deep about the presumptive nature of human beings of being afraid of things they don’t know enough about. Indeed a clever bird, vultures are losing the hope of living in this bleak world where no one is ready to hear their screams.

The video representation is spooky, with Anami herself impersonating a vulture and rendering a voice to the voiceless birds. The red light conveys the message and establishes the atmosphere well. A very artistic video indeed through powerful symbolism and personification as a medium.

The song leads to a beautiful climax that you would want to hear again and again. A definite must-listen track.


Listen to Vultures by Anami on Spotify:


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