Celebrating love With Tubby’s much Anticipated track ‘Give Me Love’

Starting with the most peppiest beats, Tubby aka, Indrajit Singh Sharma, furnishes the initial inkling of the mood of the song. Although labelled as one of the most complex feelings in the world, Tubby creates a believable world picturing its attainability. With the correct person by your side, everything seems as gaily, rosy and efficacious. 

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Inkk Audio writes, “Whether you’re stuck in traffic or you’re strolling in your local park, it’s always a good idea to listen to Give Me Love – A song by Indrajit ‘Tubby’ Sharma that makes even the biggest cynic want to fall in love. The way the words are carefully curated to complement the melody has most people humming along on the first listen itself. The song strives to be an ode to that special someone who has you transfixed and makes you feel like your senses are elevated.” We could not agree more: one look at the song, you are sure to fall for it too!


Listen to ‘Give Me Love’ by ‘Tubby’ on YouTube:

Music’s Effortless Romanticism

A serene euphoria is maintained throughout the song, while managing to keep a fast tempo to it. Only ten seconds into the song and one becomes aware of the variations done by Tubby. Over all, the song has a soft pop taste to it and it perfectly suits Tubby’s vision. From the rhythmic notes, to the emergence of the strong beat enhancing the underlying tone to the overall song. As the song proceeds the beautiful vocals by Tubby, himself fit right into the music; it is tender and transports his inner emotion to the listeners.


The composition is solid, with amazing sound choices overall. The music arrangement is impeccable and absolutely suits the frame of mind. The tonal quality makes one understand the love that the creators want us to feel and know about. The intimacy shown was not a grandiose facade but an honest attempt to depict the actions of everyday, simple yet heart warming. The lyric penned by Sonam Saini, who wins your heart with her attempt to capture young love at its nascence: naive yet pure. The sentiment itself is so capturing, and the song fixates your mind and creates a strong impression. 


The climax however has a juxtaposing effect with the change in scale and musicals. It brings on a wavy, almost dreamy effect to the vocals, with subtle background vocals as a chorus. That effect is clearer with respect to the visuals, where the protagonists are under the water and quite literally have fallen for each other; with each other, simultaneously. 



Dancers Jason Tham and Sanjana Bamrara are top notch in their performances. There is no moment when the viewer is not invested in their story. Choreographer Sanam Johar’s contribution is worth all the praise. He makes sure to uphold all the small gestures two people in love might do for each other. The video accurately illustrates the little teases, moments of affection and even the plain happiness the protagonists feel while being together. As much as it is a visual treat, the music upstages the desired effect. The video is sure to end with the listener having butterflies in their stomach, grinning ear to ear, believing in love all over again. 


Listen to ‘Give Me Love’ by ‘Tubby’ on YouTube:

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