‘Christmas Time’ is sure to leave you in a festive mood

Just like how Santa Claus grants all our wishes, singer Tubby gifted us all a magical year-ender ‘Christmas Times’ track with vocalist Samantha Noella, saxophonist Mark Hartsuch and drummer Vinayak Pol.

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team

Christmas is over, but the festive being in us is far from resting. The love, laughter, and joy of Christmas is still so alive in all of us. Any festival is quite incomplete without music complimenting its energy. What can be better than a new, super exciting Christmas song to enjoy this Christmas season? 


Listen to ‘Christmas Times’ by Tubby on Spotify:


The song is perfectly shouldered by Samantha Noella’s vocals that go to an extent of versatility and strength as she infuses feelings, poetry, and vocal proficiency in this song. Her voice just sounds so apt and classic for a song like this. The harmonies created by her are beyond commendable.

A festive song is fundamentally incomplete and non-existent without great music as its entourage. The music is beautifully composed, with all the bells, trumpets, and every other festive tune one can possibly think of in a Christmas song. Vinayak Pol has done a commendable job on drums and Mark Hartsuch has weaved magic through his saxophone tunes in this song. Composer Indrajit Sharma aka Tubby has so aptly chosen the music, one finds it hard to get over.

The song has an infectious vibe. To add the final star on the top of the Christmas tree, the song features a couple of children’s choirs to add joy and love to the overall effect of the song. Every part of the song invigorates our souls with hope, joy, and good wishes. Samantha’s beautiful lyrics are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas as she bestows blessings and love to the listeners and touches our hearts when she says that if love wins over the hurt, every day would feel like Christmas. How beautiful!

It’s a heartwarming song that you wouldn’t want to skip this Christmas. The warmth that this song has can hardly be found in many other songs. So, definitely a song worth listening to. Kudos to Tubby for creating such an amazing piece of music that has the potential to bring people together.

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