‘Jadoo Ki Chhadi’ by Folk Masti spreads gratefulness and love

‘Jadoo is Chhadi’ is one of the everyday happy feel-good songs. The thoughtful lyrics, the feel-good music, and the captivating music video make this song a perfect one. The combination of folk music with the beauty of nature, especially the mountains, the culture, and the people who reside there, is a rather beautiful one. The song will leave you in a much better mood and we don’t apologize for making you want to travel after listening to the song!

Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team


Jadoo is Chhadi is a song you’d love to listen to and tap your feet to the funky and folky groove! The song makes you think about your next trip to the mountains. It is a perfect everyday happy feel-good song. Vipul Panchal does magnificent work with the lyrics of this song. His vocals do perfect justice to the beautifully written lyrics. Samadhan Guldagde, Roshan Aade, and Prince Mangan compliment Vipul’s vocals magically with the keys, percussions, and bass. The music and the composition are just immaculate. The combination of folk music with the beauty of nature, especially the mountains, the culture, and the people who reside there is a beautiful one. 


Listen to ‘Jadoo Ki Chhadi’ by Folk Masti on YouTube

The song starts with powerful energy leaving you feeling joyful. It wonderfully captures the need for us to feel more gratitude towards nature and all that it does for us. The idea for the song emancipated through the artist’s personal journey to traveling to places and seeing people live lives below, especially in the rural areas, and hence, ‘Jadoo Ki Chhadi’ is a way to thank nature and the people around us who make our lives better. The smart blend of the folk vocals with the strums of the smartly chosen instruments sets up the mood of the entire piece. 


The music video is extremely soothing. It will leave you nostalgic of your previous trips to the mountains and yearning to plan the next trip. This song is a perfect amalgamation of emotions that make one’s heart full. It soothes the soul and makes one feel grateful for all the little things we might not pay attention to. The song ends with a message by the band to ‘Be grateful to life, nature and people’.


Listen to ‘Jadoo Ki Chhadi’ by Folk Masti on Spotify

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