‘Kaisi Ye Maaya’ is Madmast’s political stance on morality

Madmast has always been the one to bring hope with them, well this time they are ready to fight back. Thousands of voices have re-kindled and come together against the pretentious powerful affluents, along with Madmast themselves, and it is your turn to know why.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


Although the word ‘Utopia’ was coined by Thomas Moore in 1516, it became popular when Karl Marx used it to enkindle minds into believing a world that was classless making it more humane. Madmast with all its force revealed the picture of the real world for almost four minutes, and nonetheless, it shook our conscience. 


Listen to Madmast, in their recent song ‘Kaisi Ye Maaya’, here:



One understands the seriousness of the song when the keyboard played by Nishant in dim red lights, starts creating a commotion in your head. Soon the tune grips your ears and you are right into the world Madmast has created, devoid of weakness, where fighting is the only option.


The song can be bifurcated into two parts, stating the agony and the truth, while the other of caveat. Every member has given their share to the fullest, and it is evident with the mood they can create in terms of the melody. Guitar duties by Keshav, Bass by Anish, and Sourav on the Drums turned out to be a herculean trio, almost forcing you to sway your head. In addition to this backdrop, the lyricist and singer Vaibhav, has taken this musical piece to another level. The manner in which there is a constant motivation to fight against what we know is wrong, along with reminding the viewers of the basis of humanity, is not only commendable but also full of valor. 


The cinematography is equally riveting, with the band singing directly to their viewers, breaking the fourth wall, urging us to rise and look beyond what is shown to us. They talk about corrupt leaders, uneducated powerful people as the faces of our nation, and all this is the result of our delusion as citizens.



The second portion of the song is probably Madmast’s debut attempt at story-telling, in the literal sense. Perhaps, this part is the highlight of the entire video, where we find Vaibhav asking us to imagine a world where “good days” were promised but never given. Slowly, we realize it is a world similar to ours, and the viewer is made to look beyond the compromise they have been doing till now. 


Accompanied by the animation of Vineel, this is that bit that is sure to stay long enough in our minds to revisit the melody. Slowly we are taken back to the same mantra, backed by the same intrepid Madmast to leave the “Maaya” of money and hypocrisy and shout beyond your might against the wrong.


Listen to Kaisi Ye Maaya by Madmast on Spotify:


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