‘Pal’:Dhi’s Wistful Smile Through The Aching Heart

Talking about the emptiness one feels while dealing with issues in relationships, Tanmoy Guha aka Dhi Harmony surely made us cry with this one. This is a dithyramb, a strange concoction of the attachment with the one you love the most, and the disparity among yourselves. Differences that often lead to lifelong regrets, sometimes deep-routed grudges. This path is not easy and on numerous occasions makes you feel alone, grieving hopelessly. Dhi addresses that void and presents “Pal” as the ode to our beloved.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team


The song begins with a guitar and its indie undertone becomes evident. The best thing about the song is its haunting melody composed to make you feel so. The pace of the song is slow and that is the strongest point, as all of its attention goes to the bewitching vocals by Dhi. He savors every moment of the song and sings from his heart with all the traditional improvisations done at perfect intervals. The arrangement by Pratyay is proof of his brilliant musical judgment and keeps the morose disposition throughout the track. 


Listen to ‘Pal’ by Dhi Harmony and Pratyay on YouTube:

It doesn’t even cross the mark of fifty seconds and Dhi captures our minds and hearts with his humming that proceeds to pull you to your loneliest days. The music complements his voice so much that the listeners stop to thoroughly process all that is served to them. It is gloomy yet so tranquil, urging you to reconcile with your partner. 


Dhi’s specialty is his classical strength and roots, which gives him an added edge. His musical sensibility is extremely evident and his range really paints the proper picture of what a capable performer he is. A lot of this effect is due to the aesthetic lyrics written by Psya. “Cheena Jo Mujhse Hai Sara, Akhir Woh Tha Toh Tumhara”, is some genius creation right here. Every line of the song talks about the talent Psya has to be able to contribute to this gem. 


Listen to ‘Pal’ by Dhi Harmony and Pratyay on Spotify:

Musically, ‘Pal’ is the perfect combination of lyrics, sound production, and the feeling it imbibes within the listeners. It is the perfect palate of musical choices, worthy of your time and affection. 


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