Shona Sharma’s ballad ‘It’s Ok’ presents a peaceful and calming narrative

‘It’s Ok’ serves as a reminder to the listeners, to stop, breathe, reflect, and connect. 

Tanya Sujan | BeatCurry Team


Shona Sharma is an actor and a singer with a tranquilising voice, who recently released her first single “It’s Ok”. From being the vocalist in Leslie Lewis’ band to being one of the leads in Wizcraft’s musical theatre production Balle Balle, it is pretty evident that this emerging artist is on the road to becoming a name in the industry. 


Listen to It’s Ok by Shona Sharma on Spotify:

It is fine to take a break from the fast-paced capitalism-driven life and take a day off just for your space of mind and sanity. The relaxing composition and production by Pooja Mazoomdar and Sound of Muzak, have absolutely outdone themselves. The melodious harmony starts off as well as ends with the tunes of an exceptional electric guitar, given by Usama Allati. The highs and lows of the music set the perfect tone for the entire song and are very expressive of the mood of the artist. However, electronic music tends to overpower the beautiful vocals of the song in some areas, suppressing the lyrical portion of the song. The ballad is simple, yet it managed to seep and grow in the hearts of the listeners by its simplicity and austerity. 


Overall, this four-minute-long song is nothing, but soothing, calming and comforting. It is one of those songs which you would like to hear after a long day of work or in the middle of the day to pause and take a break from life’s chaos. This ballad comes as a reminder that it is indeed, Okay.


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