The saga of confrontation with the egos

This October Angad Bhatia took us on his tumultuous journey to meet the alter ego and we surely aren’t complaining. The psychedelic rush of sentiments throughout the album Upsurge by Medddler, has a poignant after-effect in your mind, almost making you revisit the songs the second time.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team 


Post his debut EP Jump Alaska, the Mumbai-based Angad Bhatia’s second solo ride comes off as not only proficient but also eccentric with a wide diversity of work he is known for. Even before we savor the delicious mix of post-metal with a tinch of prog metal and avant-garde electronica, Angad bestows his vision of “a distant era”. 


Listen to the Album- Upsurge by Meddler, here:



The ambiance Angad Bhatia blissfully creates, begins with the song which slowly transitions into destructive barrenness mentioned earlier by him:


“In a distant era when time stood young, a kingdom is slowly decaying away into the abyss. The land that once flourished with art and adventure is now wiped away. Barren grounds hold remains of colossal structures that lie under pale moonlight, as sand and gravel engulf everything. The scent of nectar masks over this kingdom of torn monarchical paintings and uprooted graves by the sea shore. That is, until one tide comes along and changes the state of this wreck. The bards wrote about this surge of hope in their books. We witness it come to life.”


The sheer diversity we find in the tonality of the music throughout the five songs “Towered and Barren, The Sound of Nothing, Monet Sees Pollux, Nectar, Bards Bring Rain, Moonlight” does not only serves its purpose but also points out the natural calamity that ameliorates the wrecked state. Every song has its own color, its own scent resulting in the trans that we are pushed to. Every note that the guitar pulls in the opening, reminds hugely of The Melvins. ‘Nectar’ represents the dichotomy of the artist within Angad, fighting to bring change and bring life to the world, almost congruent to the album where the mood shifts to a more serene route.


The highlight of the album, however, hands down is the Moonlight, for the sole reason that it depicts the Sangfroid, almost on the similar grounds of self-assurance that all will be better if it is not now. 



The audience loved every bit of ‘Upsurge’. Angad writes to his followers, “ I spent the monsoon writing this album” and the Upsurge is on a similar track. The beginning of “Towered and Barren” gives us the notion of an uprising storm, leaving behind a desiccated effect of history, and soon the nature slowly transitions into the rains, out-living and wiping away the destruction and calamity with “Bards Bring Rain”. The slow glimmer of the ray of sunshine falls on the wet leaves, surrounding the petrichor, bringing hope into humanity.


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