‘Who I Love’ by Ananya narrates a nuanced tale of ‘Love’

As beautiful as we perceive love to be, it is equally complicated and chaotic. Maybe that adds to the beauty of love. Ananya does a wonderful job putting the complex tale of love in these beautiful words and melodies. Captivating lyrics, honey-sweet vocals and a very eye-pleasing music video make this song stand out. 

Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team


Written and composed by a brilliant artist Ananya Sharma, ‘Who I Love’ is a beautiful single released in early May of 2022 featuring the incredible guitarist and composer, Sanjay Divecha. Not only written and composed, but the song is also graced by the enchanted vocals of Ananya Sharma whose voice seems to fit right with the song. The mystical vocals make for the best sing-along kind of a song. 


‘Who I Love’ is a nuanced tale of love. It beautifully captures and presents the ups and downs of love, the mindless chasing, romanticizing, disappointing, and finally finding love within oneself.  The aesthetically pleasing music video allows for your imagination to go to all the wonderful places. It leaves you nostalgic but also leaves you so much better than you found it. 


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The song progresses linearly to branch out to newer phrases, musically rich and diverse segments throughout, getting interesting one section after the other.  An interesting skill the artist portrays through her songwriting is her control over time. A closer insight into both her songs, ‘Who I Love’ and her previous release, ‘State Of The Art’ featuring Jazz Pianist Anurag Naidu, is that the artist explores the power of multiple time signatures and interesting groupings. For a layman to understand, a time signature is the equal rhythmic divisions in which a part/or an entire song is divided. ‘Who I Love’ starts with 3s, moves onto 4s, then to 10s, eventually moving smoothly back and forth with different time signatures.


The renowned guitarist Sanjay Divecha does god’s work with the acoustic guitar and adds stars to the song, supported by the backing vocals of Brecilla D’souza which takes the song to the absolute next level. He presented his versatility with expanded chords, lead lines and a beautiful guitar solo with his refreshing phrases in the song.


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The overall instrumentation and songwriting has well complemented the mood and the thought behind the song. All in all, ‘Who I Love’ is a love story of a person with themself. Captivating lyrics, honey-sweet vocals, and magical composition make the song a good entry to one’s daily playlist.


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