All hearts for Dream Note’s new EP ‘Dhun’

Dhun is a masterpiece and every song you hear will make you realize how music is not just an art. It is the form of communication to put the most difficult emotions and truths of the world into beautiful lyrics. Dhun will have you go on a journey, make you sway, swoon and think. The only set back? There could be more songs to the EP. The world needs them.

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Each song in ‘Dhun’ is a slow and carefully paced experience that you could listen whilst lying down and dreaming of a present or past loves. The beautiful song is written, composed, and sung by Gaurav Tiwari and Taresh Agarwal. Devang Rachh does an excellent job at complimenting the composition. After a huge hit like ‘Waqt ki Baatein’, the songs in this EP definitely show the potential to become a hit. The band depicts daily life hustles, the little joys life, struggles through their simplistic approach of song-writing and lyrics. The EP truly gives us everything, from the bittersweet feeling of doing something you love through Dil to the harsh reality of the world through Zeher. 



‘Dil’ is a song that beautifully expresses the day-to-day battle we experience with our emotions and our ‘Dil’. This extremely well-written piece absolutely does justice to the bittersweet feeling of doing things especially if they’re a little strange but done out of love. They may feel odd and different but that is how we like it and that’s okay! This song makes you feel okay! This song instantly uplifts one’s mood and makes the world seem like a brighter place. 

Watch: Dil from their EP ‘Dhun’ on YouTube



This song satiates the hunger for good music after listening to Dil. The flow of lyrics, and the composition is so groove-worthy but the melancholic lyrics provide an interesting contrast. You will find yourself nodding and grooving from side to side while also contemplating your own dreams and life. The brilliance of the composition is how you can get lost listening to the song and not realize it for a hot minute. The music video for the song gives a retro vibe of the old song ‘Mera Joota Hai Japani’ and is captivating to the eyes.

Watch: Zeher from their EP ‘Dhun’ on YouTube



Kahani is the tale of a broken heart. The song splendidly puts intense emotions like sadness, desperation, and loneliness of people, and the fickle attempt to hide it all into magical words that reach straight to the corners of your heart. The song uplifts the mood by saying how that one person lights up our world despite it being marred by sadness and loneliness. It is a song of hope. The soothing music oozes hope and dreams. The composition and the music do complete justice to the beautiful songwriting.


‘Khoyi Huyi Dhun’

The title of the EP comes from this song. It captures the essence of the whole EP without having to say anything through words. The subtle sounds make you feel like you are floating in the sea of happiness. The  instruments go so well with the ad libs.


‘Zaroori Nahi’

This is the last song from the EP and DreamNote ends it in a meaningful tone. The song uncovers the line between right and wrong with a series of examples taken from daily human life. It is a thought-provoking song while the music continues to keep it enjoyable for the listeners. It allows for the listener to comfortably swim in their thoughts. 

Watch: The entire EP ‘Dhun’ by Dream Note on YouTube

In an exclusive chat with BeatCurry, they shared with us their songwriting process, coming together to form Dream Note, their musical background and inspirations and everything in between. In conversation with Gaurav Tiwari and Taresh Agarwal:


Dream Note’s EP ‘Dhun’ has a smooth and effortless songwriting, taking you through the daily hustles and the little joys of life and the song makes you feel at peace. What are some of your musical backgrounds and influences that you draw your references from?


Taresh: Totally. So I came from a Christian school where I used to hear Christian songs, rock and pop songs, eventually Bollywood music when I stepped out to explore music. During my Music Production and Sound Engineering days, I would listen to Orchestral Music, Soul, R&B, Pop and heavy Metal. So that’s the space where I come from. That led me into continuously searching for new sounds during my journey.


Gaurav: Interestingly, apart from his job, my father used to sing in orchestras. My maternal grandfather was a folk and devotional bhajan composer. So it was quite usual for us to host Riyaz sessions at our place and I would see it happen. So since my childhood I have had an exposure to music. A lot of Bollywood and Retro music used to interest me during my college days. That’s also the time when Rock music happened in my life. As a fresher in college, I would observe people headbanging to Rock music and I’d love that vibe. I gradually started exploring and experimenting with Rock music, taking stages and singing. Pakistani Pop and Indian Indie bands too were of great inspiration for me, like Euphoria, Agnee Band. So that’s how it started for me.


Taresh: Now all our influences are mutual for us now!

Realizing each of your potentials and skills, when did you decide to form Dream Note? What’s the whole ‘Dream Note story’?


Gaurav: Back in 2010, we used to play a lot of shows doing cover music and used to participate in various competitions. During these times, we used to see bands create their original music and an idea hit us that “Why can’t we come together to form a band of our own?” Back in 2014, I wrote my first song and it was released on all streaming platforms. My idea then was very simple, to create original music and spread the word. This was the time when we realized that we must come together. We were looking for names that would best describe our music. After thinking about it and asking our friends, we finally came up with the name Dream Note, and there’s been no looking back. We feel it’s a perfect fit for something that’s quite ambient, dreamy and acoustic with a blend of pop.


What’s the voice of the band that you wish to communicate every time with your music?


Taresh: For this EP, the sound has been Ukulele dependent, along with ambient and acoustic vibes. Well in general, we as a band give a pop, ambient, orchestral and rock sort of a look to our songs. We always keep experimenting with our genre, depending on the mood of the song, melodies, lyrics and the entire production. We let these factors gel together and see where it takes us.


Upcoming collaborations that we can expect and a highlight into the way forward for the band.


Taresh: We collaborate with different artists, singers and producers. So we are currently working with a lot of new voices and talents and we hope to break the news soon!


Gaurav: We want to see, perform, spread happiness through our music to as many people as possible. We want to keep creating music as much as possible. We recently have been on our India tour called the ‘Dream Tour’ traveling and performing in front of amazing people. We received great responses from the folks at Mumbai and Pune. Bangalore peeps blew our mind and it was a memorable gig. So we feel our dreams are coming true each day, one step at a time and we just want to continue doing music every single day!

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