Daira’s ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’ is raw and artistic

Revealing the fickle superficiality of the world seems to be the new specialty of Daira. This song talks about the complexity of the world and how we take undue pressure for no reason while still being mere fragments in this universe. The vocals are soothing and the composition is immaculate. The visuals create a sense of bonding with nature. Read the review to know more.

Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team.


Daira is a high energy ‘Hindi’ Art-Rock band based in Mumbai. With music and art, Daira has continuously been spreading love and positive vibes since their debut album ‘Daira’, released in September 2015. ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’ is the newest single released by the band in May of 2022. ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’ translates to ‘Everything is an illusion’. As time progresses we are constantly reminded of how superficial the world is. We still run towards things and chase things that might not make much difference in the longer run. We might believe things for a long time but they necessarily do not have to be true.


Listen to ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’ by Daira on YouTube:

This song beautifully emphasizes with its lyrics that we are mere fragments in this huge universe. And since everything is an illusion, we can ultimately be happy, content, empathize, enjoy and live life. This song beautifully captures this feeling. This song is a little different than the music that the band usually creates but the fans are loving it and so are we! It is refreshing and yet familiar to the music Daira has been making since 2015. While the lyrics are wildly soothing and speak magnitudes about the wonderful theme it caters to, we can’t help but say that it leaves us wanting for more. The song could have given us more depth or volume.  


Musically, it’s a well written and composed track. The vocal range of the singer is indeed applaudable. An interesting thing about the singing style is the use of ‘approximations’ in the tonality (specifically while ending a phrase) and emphasizing and giving certain words a very beautiful aura! For example, the very opening words “Undekhaa Hai Jo, Sach Maanna Zaruri Toh Nahi” or words like “Fitoori”, the singer had a beautiful style of making his way through them. 


The drumming in a good way, was unpredictable. It sounded new, fresh and alive throughout the song. The song almost cannot be imagined without the guitar duties, mainly because of the meaningful guitar phrases, expanded chords, chord qualities, arpeggio and unique licks sitting behind the vocal track. The song had many more such ‘golden’ spots that make you listen to the song over and over again. 


All in all, the song is raw, it’s beautiful and induces all the right emotions. It bodes very well with the song. Listen to ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai’ by Daira on Spotify:


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