A Dreamy Tribute To The 90s ‘Love’ By Madmast

There is something about witnessing a young love consummated. Building something so permanent full of promises from a tender age, growing together and understanding our own concurrent lives while growing through it all. Unsurprisingly, Madmast manages to swiftly carry us through the innocence of such a love, gushing emotions forming a vivacious bond, deserving of clinging onto. As time goes by, and you drown in the world of selfish incentives, you realize the significance of the camaraderie you were in luck to possess.

Madhulika Gupta | BeatCurry Team

For every 90s baby, “Tumse Pyar Hai” is a sublime feast on their muse over the days when CD players were still a thing, and mix tape cassettes made for someone were solely the official love language. Even though there is an undercurrent of the warmth of the love between two souls throughout the melody, you feel the grip of anguish between them, probably a result of brief separation. The flavor of indie folk strikes your ears as soon as vocalist Vaibhav Sharma is accompanied by the mellow guitar strings played by Keshav Parthasarathy. 

What begins as an ode of contrition, quickly converts into an abashed proclamation of all the pent up sensations; all penned to perfection by Vaibhav Sharma. He states this saying, “Tumse Pyaar Hai is a heartfelt tale of love and longing, it’s about two present day lovers who have lived through so much and then had to part. What both of them feel when they reunite after a long time is what this song is all about.” 

Listen to ‘Tumse Pyaar Hai’ by Madmast on YouTube

The panache of the melody is the composition, with its befitting arrangement incorporating the bass by Anish Nair and percussions handled with effortless grace by Sourav Dutta. Nishant Nair’s work with the Melodica and keyboards, keep the listener engaged making this piece an earworm for days. 

A distinct level of creativity can be comprehended in the production by Madmast, especially where a particular variation is noteworthy indicating the time slipping by. The following emphatic and almost melancholic humming keeps us aware of the change in situations for our protagonists. However, the slow-paced chorus in the second half, changing back to its original tune coinciding with the drums by Sourav Dutta, brings us to the present. “Tumse Hai Pyar” is an assurance of a brighter tomorrow, as all that morose separation has finally come to an end. 

A heartfelt kudos to Sneha Chhatre for the illustration and animation of the video making the viewers dive headlong into memory lane. Undoubtedly every middle class millennial yearns for the years of Fandoms and Ladybirds, white kades, and their days of flames. As the tune slowly melts down one wonders if only it was possible to go back to the days of trading letters in compass boxes, yet a smile reminds us that we have come a long way.

Listen to ‘Tumse Pyaar Hai’ by Madmast on Spotify

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