Saraswathi Is A Grand South Indian Orchestral Fusion Served In A Never Imagined Flavour

The music is so finely woven, the western and south Indian instruments just melt into each other, telling a whole different story. The song feels like an elevating energy spiraling towards something very exciting and expansive. It’s devotion and craft at their peak!

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team

There is music, good music and then comes extraordinary music. ‘Saraswathi’ by the band Oxygen is right there-an incredible masterpiece by the talented artists. The music piece delivers an immersive music symphony, in which one can get lost. Just close your eyes and let loose.

You’ll notice your head moving with the beats and tunes of this orchestral piece. The music is so rich in quality, the number of musical instruments used in the buildup, and the combination of highs and lows. If you’re watching a movie that features an artist engrossed in adorning his canvas with splashes of colorful, lively paints, this piece would be the top pic to feature in the background. It has that reverence towards creativity and nervous excitement that feels so exhilarating to the listeners.

Listen to Saraswathi by the Metagen Project-Oxygen on YouTube

Composed in ragam Saraswathi by Vidwan G.N. Balasubramaniam, violas, violin and flutes take the front stage, with the mellow beats from the mridangam. There is a brilliant fusion of western instruments such as cello, guitars, keyboard, drums, and double bass that just adds more fire to the already volcanic piece of music.

The whole setup is so wholesome. You experience a variety of emotions as you just revel in the flow of music. It feels so fresh as if something new is about to begin. It’s so difficult to achieve such finesse with such a huge band performing together. Each instrument is like a significant tributary that comes together to give rise to the smooth flowing, gigantic river that blesses your auditory receptors. Fusions are quite risky to create, but this piece definitely sets new standards for fusion.

Listen to Saraswathi by the Metagen Project-Oxygen on Spotify:

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