‘Takhtiyaan’ is a rich music rendition of love

Takhtiyaan takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that ultimately culminates in a feeling of sheer wholesomeness and peace. The lyrics depict a man in love’s emotions and how he sees his beloved’s surroundings. The classical music with tabla and sitar and the live arrangement establishes a tone of richness and honesty in this song.

Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team


Takhtiyaan in the first look seems like Coldplay’s music got an Indian twist! With Hindi lyrics, guitar phrases being performed on Sitar, and the coming of Drums and Tabla together make this song so special. The protagonist expresses his feelings for her beloved, the delight he feels when he is around her, and the promises he has made that are meaningless without her presence.


Takhtiyan’s arrangement and songwriting establishes a tone of richness and honesty, making it sound and look other-worldly. The use of unique chords and the Indian instruments give this song a free pass to our playlist. The fun session between the sitarist and the tablist hype the whole song up. 


Listen to Takhtiyaan by Dhaval Kothari on YouTube:

The eight-piece band, which includes Dhaval on lead vocals, Jobin David on guitars, Sanchit Mhatre on drums, Akshay Jadhav on tabla, and Megha Rawoot on sitar, adds a mystical aspect to the song. Vishal Khatri created and organized the music, which Prasad Maha perfectly mixed and mastered. Pulkit Jain, a singer-songwriter, contributes to the song by collaborating with Dhaval on its composition. The song is also a must listen track for the well synchronized performances between the Sitar and Tabla. 


The voice texture, timbre and the unique phrases of the Sitar, chords, phrases and patterns played on the guitars, tabla and drums encapsulated the whole feel of the song. Words blend flawlessly with the Sitar and Tabla sounds and create a clear masterpiece because of its unusual dynamics. All in all, the song is a beautiful listening experience.


Listen to Takhtiyaan by Dhaval Kothari on Spotify

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