The Album ‘Derek & The Cats’ Exudes Fantastic Chill Vibes In Four Different Emotion

The entire album by Derek Mathias feels well put together. The music just flows. Despite being from the same album, and same flavor, the variety in emotions exuded by each music piece is what makes the album special. These jazz pieces are well suited for a great evening and setting a joyous mood for avid listeners.

Saakshi Priyadarshini | BeatCurry Team

Aesthetic music is the new cool. When it comes to Jazz, it has always been aesthetic and full of joy. The youth gives high weightage to the music played in the spaces they hang out, to get the vibe check. Well, this whole album by Derek & the Cats fits the aesthetic vibe music bracket well.

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‘The Heist’ is the use of saxophone at its best. You can imagine a detective doing their job in full swing. The drums and the smooth transition to the electric guitar are so phenomenal, they add to the beauty of the piece. The Heist justifies its name by the intelligent-sounding music it delivers. Abhay Sharma, Aditya Bhagavatula, and Sagar Saluja have done a fantastic job at rendering a complete song where each instrument adds a new noteworthy element.

‘Judas’ is an incredible piece that sounds like the epitome of cool and exciting. It’s flowy and picks up well. It establishes a graph. There’s something so romantic and inviting about this song piece. One can play this song while watching the stars, laying on the grass, as the last 2-3 minutes of the piece hits. The artists have defined something that would be cherished for long.

‘Soul’ feels like a pure romantic evening date night with fun conversations over drinks. The guitar by Adesh Vinod and saxophone by Gautam David speak a language that gets you in a happy mood to just let go of everything and just let life happen. The keyboards by Anand and Derek then take over towards the end and in combination with the drums by Jason, makes your head move and groove with the song.

‘Morocco’ is just so perfect. It captures that folk-tribal aesthetic so well. It’s feisty and energetic. If you wish to be in a James Bond movie from the 80s, this song would actually transport you to one of the scenes. Like the entire album, the trumpet by James Miranda and the percussion by Swami give it a very Spanish tango feel when you hear the bells and claps. The song teleports you straight to live concerts by some of the jazz legends.

All in all, Derek Mathias, all the talented artists, contributors and their music, is definitely something that people from the scene must look forward to. The album has a global music appeal. The whole album is passion packed in chill bundles that you would wish to revisit and experience time and again.

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