TRUCE by Anami is a song of lost love and yet of hope

Truce is a song of hope and learning along with being a song of lost love and a broken heart.  It will soothe the broken hearts, open up the pile of emotions and then gently calm you down and leave you feeling better than you did before. Anami presents this magic with her songwriting!

Kritagya Kriti | BeatCurry Team


Anami, an independent singer-songwriter from Bengaluru just dropped her third single called ‘Truce’ and we are in love! ‘Truce’ magically captures the emotions of lost love and a broken heart through its soothing music and the calming vocals of Anami.


This is also a song of hope and learning. It tells you that you have to get up after falling and that ‘there’s nothing like falling and standing up with hope.’ The songwriting and music composition are praise-worthy. Anami does a beautiful job adding little touches to the song. The way she explores various melodic phrases with the word ‘Try’ as the song builds up to the chorus, adds infinite stars to the song.  The addition of such unexpected chords and unique words made the song so enticing.


Listen to TRUCE by Anami

Anami did the songwriting, directing, and storyboarding of the video and did it so well! Varun Murali – The Red Music Box who has Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered this song, has brought such distinct elements to this song. The guitar slides take the song to the next level. 


Behind these beautiful-looking visuals from the music video is Chirag. The music video is aesthetically pleasing. Anami and Chirag make the perfect team when it comes to making a music video and making storyboards turn into reality. The music video perfectly compliments what Anami has been wanting to say through her song. 


Listen to TRUCE by Anami

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